People’s Premier Zhou Enlai

People’s Premier Zhou Enlai

Make Unremitting Efforts to Seek the Truth

       Zhou Enlai was born at the end of the 19th century when China was being suffered from within and without. So, Zhou was determined to strive for the rise of China ever since his early age. He led the famous May 4th Movement, a patriotic student movement against imperialism and feudalism, when he was studying in Tianjin. Later, he went to Japan and Europe in turn to seek truth in order to rescue and strengthen his motherland. After years of study and comparison, Zhou finally dedicated to Communism and said, “I will never change my faith and will do my best to let people know it.”

Make Contributions to the Liberation of Chinese People

        In the history of Chinese revolution, Zhou Enlai’s contributions are unforgettable. He was one of the leaders of Nanchang Uprising and one of the founders of the People’s Army after the failure of the Great Revolution in 1927. He supported Mao Zedong at Zunyi Conference that helped to make the Long March of the Red Army a great success. When the Red Army arrived in Northern Shaanxi Province, Zhou, working under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), helped to solve Xi’an Incident peacefully and promote the formation of anti-Japanese national united front, which he endeavored to strengthen and extend in those areas controlled by Kuomintang (KMT) in the Anti-Japanese War. In the Liberation War of China, he spared no effort in assisting Mao Zedong in commanding the Three Great Campaigns and establishing the new China.

Spare No Effort to Promote the People’s Well-Being

        Zhou Enlai had served as the Premier of the People’s Republic of China for 26 years. In those years, he spared no effort in serving the people, which won him respect and love from people across the country. During the establishment of the new Chinese government, he managed to get support from people from all walks of life, which provided a solid foundation for the construction of Chinese society and the consolidation of new China. As the first foreign minister, he made great achievements in creating an international environment favorable to China’s construction and in promoting world peace and human development. During the Cultural Revolution, he did his best to keep order in the critical situation and turn the tide. He will always stand as a monument in the hearts of the people because he had dedicated his life to his country and people. 

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