Xihua Hall

Xihua Hall


        The compound we are entering is an exact replica of West Parlor in 1960s’ Zhongnanhai in Beijing, built in 1:1 proportion to the original, which is located in the northwest of Zhongnanhai. The original building was built under the order of Puyi, the last Emperor of Qing Dynasty, for his father the Regent Duke Zaifeng. This compound is in the shape of a rectangle, about 160 meters long from north to south, and 60 meters wide from east to west. Buildings and gardens here are in the typical style of Ming and Qing Dynasty. The compound is divided into two parts with their respective courtyard. Buildings in the front yard used to be offices of the State Council, where Premier Zhou and Deng Yingchao received both domestic and oversea guests. Buildings in the back yard were used as offices of Premier Zhou’s secretaries and guards, and working and living places of Premier Zhou and Ms. Deng.

        At the initial stage of the founding of People’s Republic of China, Premier Zhou chose this compound to be his office and residence. Since December 1949, the month they moved here, Premier Zhou had been busy with his work and attended to numerous affairs of state everyday. With time going by, West Parlor has become the historical witness of the great couple’s great dedication to the nation.

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