Speical Aircraft Hall

Speical Aircraft Hall

Presented by the government of Soviet Union in August 1957, No.678,IL-14 was the first special plane taken by the first Premier of People’s Republic of China. This plane is of 21.3m long, 7.8m high, with the wingspan of 31.7m and total weight of 12,300kg; its ceiling reaches 6,500m, while the maximum range is 3,200km. From 1957 to the middle of 1960s, it was this plane carried Premier Zhou Enlai to many Chinese cities and the neighboring countries such as Vietnam and Korea. Due to the need of confidential work, No.678 and No.600 were alternately used as the flight number. In 1958, by this plane, Premier Zhou flew back to Beijing from Harbin with a stopover in Tianjin. Today, No.678,IL-14 again comes to Tianjin, the city as Premier Zhou’s second home and in where he ever studied and fought for the nation during the youth. The plane will stay in the Memorial to Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao, carrying the memory of those years with Premier Zhou forever and ever.

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